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    Startup Accelerator

    Get a CTO and development team right-away.
    Access our network of entrepreneurs, mentors, experts and investors.
    Orevon provides entrepreneurial counseling, business development
    and fundraising.
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    IT for Equity

    We invest in kind as heavy risk-takers before others
    and create your IT assets and products.
    We transform ideas into businesses, remove technological and development risk
    and boost your company valuation.
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    Rock Your Business

    Focus on your core competence:
    Know your market, develop your business, sell to your clients.
    Let us give you what we do best: providing IT excellence
    and entrepreneurial support.

What we offer?

Multiple growth engines can lead you to faster growth.

IT For Equity

Products must be developed faster in order to bring them to market quicker. We can help startups to start their business by developing their products from A to Z for Equity.

Angel Funding

Finding the right investor for your business will not only provide you with the funding you require but also with the experience and mentorship that can really take your business to the next level.


Thanks to our expertise, we support our Startups with strategic, operational & financial advising. As associates in your company, we share the same goal : the success of your project.

Hands on connect

By becoming a Startup of Orevon, you also get access to our network of contacts and we will study together the best profiles that can accelerate the development of your business.

Finding Grants & Subsidies

Orevon helps you find the subsidies (depending on your innovation project) available in France and abroad (Europe, other places).

R&D / Patents

In addition to our IT For Equity approach, Orevon cares about the value of your company and helps you develop patents in your project to increase the valuation and protect your market.

IT For Equity : For Whom ?

Our IT for Equity program is available for start-up in seed stage, even if the project is still an idea in the founder’s brain. We are especially attracted by high/very high technology projects, as technological difficulties and our execution excellence provide strong barriers to entry.

It is because we master technology that we can invest in situations where traditional investors are reluctant to do so.

Some facts about Orevon


IT For Equity

5 Millions





Active startups

Startups Supported in 2014

Orevon is a strategic partner providing solutions for promising startups. Orevon helps entrepreneurs to bring their business to the next level. With OREVON,you will go further and faster..

IT For Equity
    • Tiltology
    • www.tiltology.co
    • Nanolike
    • www.nanolike.fr
    • OOPlay Music
    • www.ooplaymusic.com
    • E-Cotiz
    • www.e-cotiz.fr
    • Ville et Commerce
    • www.villeetcommerce.fr
    • Sport Archive
    • www.sportarchive.tv
    • Autofocus
    • www.autofocus.me
    • Isogeo
    • www.isogeo.com
    • Ozify
    • www.ozify.com
    • OMyStay
    • www.omystay.com
    • WeeDeel
    • www.weedeel.com
    • Fan Live
    • http://fan-live.orevonlabs.com/

Promo 2015

We present our top startups selected in 2014. We will select the top startups for 2015 until 06/30/2015. You want to "boost" your project? Get started

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Welcome to Orevon Investor Network

Our purpose is to help investors optimizing and building their portfolio by using many different investment and business opportunities.
The Orevon Investor Network is FREE for all accredited investors.
Join usto find out how Orevon Investor Network can help you.

Priority Access

As a member of our associate investors network, you get a confidential and prioritary access to our startups to coinvest with us in the best terms.


As a member of our associate investors network, you can also become a mentor of a project and provide your expertise. You have a direct impact on the project.

Reduced-risk investment

By investing in our startups, you get the insurance of a top-notch technology, a better chance of sucess, and better valuations.

Fund Terms

Investing with us can also provide tax incentives, depending on the country you live in. (TEPA - ISF - IR)

What help can startups get of the program?

Give your start-up the wings that it needs to succeed.Here are a few reasons why founders choose OREVON:


Work alongside other founders and gain inspiration and support by tackling problems together.


We bring in experts IT, team development stages, product designers, testers and more.


The Orevon group network connects you with investors and entrepreneurs arround the world.


We'll work together on your business model. Orevon handles fundraising for your startup.

Join our community of innovators.

By joining Orevon, you are becoming part of a network that connects entrepreneurs, investors, board members all around the world thanks to our partnerships with world-class investments & start-ups organizations in New-York, San Francisco & Singapore. The best is all we've got.

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